Richard Stallman: No more attachments word.

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15:01:02 Richard Stallman: No more attachments word.
Richard Stallman took a stand against a practice quite common, which is to send texts via e-mail as attachments in Microsoft Word format. With his usual clarity and pragmatism explained in the document We can put an end to Word attachments , that Word is one of the major cultural obstacles to the spread of the concept of free software because it represents a bond owner from whom you can not no matter if you do not have also the tools to manage it. The solution is to discourage its use, inviting all those who kindly send us this file type to send them back in a public format. According to the experience of the last year of Stallman results have been very encouraging, so if this practice the practice spreads the flow of ideas in a non-proprietary, may esserene considerable advantage. An interesting discussion of the sizes of collaborative composition of texts on the mailing list is also on cyber-rights .