Project Hope, net art for hope.

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1/10/02 Project Hope, net art for hope.
Project Hope , is a collection of 28 contributions be experienced online, which techniques and approaches that reflect the diversity and the consequent wealth of cultures and philosophies on the theme 'hope'. Worth noting 'Humanity', animated poetry of Birgitta Jonsdottir + Reiner Strasser, 'Unreel Dreams by Barry Smile', a version of the techno-vector 'Wizard of Oz', 'do Oppen down' by Jim Andrews, a swing voice with the voices selectable via their sentences to click, 'Monologue 16: Shalom Alechem' Duc Tuhan, the damage of a conflict that grow back immediately after their removal, '12 hours', the project nearly a decade collection of images of Bad Brace, 'hop! hop! hop! ' the minimal form of Antoine Moreau, 'waiting' another poem recited by speech synthesizers of Digitalsistersindeed, 'beijo / The Kiss' by Wilton Azevedo, kisses non-linear 'hope' by Peter Howard, animation camouflage colors and blood-time with the background track, 'hopes', collective phrase Annie Abrahms, 'PanPazimagine' (pictured) Clemente Padin and Alexandre Venera, interactive animation of symbols of the West in a dark light, 'hope' of Babel, poems self-generated, 'hope and fortune cookies' Loz, cryptic messages from fortune cookies and 'Innocentes 14,000', a macabre sound poetry of Fatima Lasay.