Digital Culture conference.

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18:01:02 Digital Culture conference.
It takes place today and tomorrow (18-19/01) at the University of California Humanities Research Institute, the conference Digital Culture: Epistemologies Subjectivities , the first of three events sposorizzati none other than by the Rockefeller Foundation, in a series entitled 'Digital Dilemmas 'focusing on instances of' truth 'and' subject '. Among those interventions provided by Katherine Hayles ('Simulating the Subject: Mediation in `House of Leaves"), (' Models of Collective Intelligence ') Pierre Levy, J. Hillis Miller (' The Internet: New Forms of Dissensual Communities? ' ), Patricia T Clough ('Towards a Political Economy: Desires and Bodies in the Age of Teletechnology'), Mark S. Poster ('Digitizing History') and Lev Manovich ('New Media from Borges to HTML').