Australia, censorship occult.

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Australia 21.01.02, censorship occult.
Two years after the law on censorship of content 'offensive', the Australian Broadcasting Authority government, the main promoter of the text, he refuses to reveal or describe on what exactly Australian users are effectively protected, with the statement that if he could not operate in secret of this operation would be practically sense. Everything was born from an initiative of the Electronic Frontiers Australia has applied the local laws on 'Freedom of Information', requiring a list of what was being censored and seeing deliver sheets with many, too many, omission and cancellations. The EFA continues its strong battle also the statements of the president who says, "I am often to think of '1984 ', as for film and video, here in Australia, you know very well what you are allowed to see and what not, and this applies equally to imports, but with regard to the Internet, you are left in a situation of doubt, where we no longer know what is allowed and what is not.