Text.ure, net art literature (2).

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20:12:01 Text.ure, net art literature (2).
Text.ure is a work of net art that combines literature, abstract visualization and interaction with the user in an excellent summary of words and visions. The interface used, in fact based on a rendering of the data that encourages you to experience a non-linear narrative, subverting the traditional processes of reading. The necessary investigation of the possibilities of the same, in fact, it also gives those who use it to create its own version of history. The work was inspired by the painting 'White on White' by Kasimir Malevich, and in fact the parts where it splits the window are a texture on which the passage of the mouse leaves a trail constantly marked by its coordinates, a diagram that marks a sort of 'altitude' and the text accordingly to the movement is made, ripentendosi and logging in fascinating ways. Powered by Nam Szeto, Steve Cannon and Jeffrey Piazza sets forth yet another mode of technological rules through which to produce a story, inextricably linking it to the user experience and leaving the freedom to intuit the rules and exploit them to his liking, synchronizing with the operation of the 'machine'. Browsing a non-linear neural connections which encourages verbal and very interesting.