SafeWeb, HushMail + PGP.

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12:12:01 SafeWeb, HushMail + PGP.
– SafeWeb is evaluating whether to reinvest in its products of anonymity, after the thousands of phone calls and requests it has received since it announced the imminent closure. Now the ultimate test will be the launch of its next product, the 'Secure Extranet Appliance (SEA)' during next January, which promises to create secure extranets for employees and partners using a simple browser. Among its customers are still standing company 'Voice of America' between the issuer and its projects would provide the opportunity for Chinese users to access forbidden sites by the government, the In-Q-Tel's financial mysterious CIA, and PrivaSec LLC, which markets SurfSecure, a version of the tool of anonymity payment.
– Account users can take advantage of HushMail PGP keys uploadate automatically on servers in the e-mail provider. This was stated by a representative of the company said that it has entered into an agreement with the OpenPGP Alliance of Phil Zimmermann (pictured) who created the OpenPGP standard, making it easier to use. The most recent estimate is about eight million users PGP entire planet.