Springsteen, The Cure, New Order.

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05:11:01 Springsteen, The Cure, New Order.
– Joint promotion in the U.S. for 'Get Ready', the new album by New Order. Warner has signed an agreement with the software house that produces the program Apzu DM2 (pictured), after which is distributing free copies of restricted versions of the same set to a version edited and divided into sixteen tracks for the song 'True Faith ', to allow free remix.
– America Online, the largest U.S. provider has censored the discussion group inside of Bruce Springsteen in a dozen posts in which they were given some texts of the singer deemed 'too suggestive'. In particular, the quotes were on 'Blinded by the Light', 'Pink Cadillac', 'Spare Parts', 'Spirit in the Night', 'Book of Dreams', 'Red Headed Woman' and 'Ramrod'. One of the moderators in particular has decided that the phrase "My love is bigger than a Honda, yeah it's bigger than a Subaru" from 'Pink Cadillac' violated the internal rules of decency.
– Robert Smith of The Cure historic singer said in an interview with NME that "The more you know about the transmission of the Internet by cable, the more you want to understand who controls the cables and those who control the flow of information." Better late than not asking this question to ask ourselves ever.