Law Publishing: Abruzzo and D'Alema.

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03:05:01 Law Publishing: Abruzzo and D'Alema.
While D'Alema (pictured) in an interview with reiterates the discriminant (according to him) of the infamous press law (ie if the site is non-profit does not need to comply with the law, but if it collects advertising then yes ), in an article on IlSole24Ore, Franco Abruzzo, president of the Journalists of Lombardy says different things. And that is that you have to regularize all the sites that are identified by a logo and disseminating to the public information related to current events, without exception. A press of the ' ADUC (Association for the Rights of Consumers and Users), throws words of fire on the law, whose petition for repeal conducted by Computer Point, as well as having reached the 42,000 signatures earned the membership of Codacons and City invisible.