Art and Money Online.

It is at the Tate Britain in London a symposium, with its exhibition entitled ' Art and Money Online 'that seeks to investigate the links between capitalism and digital art. Existing installations of: Black Shoals Stock ('Market Planetarium'), which shows the results of the world's stock markets as planetary constellations; Redundant Technology Initiative ('Free Agent') ricla group that rejects reassembling computer equipment in working order, in this case to try the term 'free' on the network; Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead ('CNN Interactive just got blackberries interactive', in the image) coupling to the contents of the CNN website a series of specific music to set the mood of the news (from ' Triumphant 'to' melancholy 'to' dramatic '). But as argued by Ray Thomas and Frank Guerrero RTMark: "The war between the expression and the trade is an issue really rich, whose issues affecting the arts are the smallest tip of the iceberg."