Neural 59, Pimping the Eye, VR now.


Issue #59, Winter 2018 ISSN: 2037-108X

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  • Molleindustria
  • Viktor Timofeev
  • David Guez
  • Boštjan Čadež
  • Naotaka Fujii + Grinder-Man + Evala
  • WonJik Yang


  • New Ways of Seeing and Perceiving
  • Björk’s VR experiments, a higher sensorial bandwidth
  • The Acousmatic Labyrinth: Unfamiliar Familiarities & Unseen Sound in VR


  • Temblor, 13 Bienal de Arte Mediales, Santiago de Chile
  • Gamerz 13, Techno-esoteric visions


  • Monolithe, inextricable artificial nature
  • Quantified Self Portrait (One Year Performance), intimate flows
  • Free Universal Cut Kit for Internet Dissidence (f.u.c.k.-i.d.)
  • Tempo Tempo, smarter faster better
  • Recruitment gone wrong, whistleblower-induced karaoke
  • Whispering Wind, artificial quiet voices in a passage
  • You, me and all these machines, a voicing couple
  • Crying Sea, sonically invasive warning
  • het Ei (the Egg), crackling water electronics
  • Somatic Echo, spatial bone conduction
  • Vimana Tale, flying vehicles from Sanskrit epics
  • Alternative Face, physiognomic mapping
  • Echo, colourful sculpted disasters
  • Hive Mind, don’t speak
  • The Aerographer, spatial anxieties


  • πTon, vocal rituals for rubber creatures


  • Whitney Phillips, Ryan M. Milner / The Ambivalent Internet
  • Kris Cohen / Never Alone, Except for Now
  • Paul Dourish / The Stuff of Bits
  • edited by Lisa Parks, and Caren Kaplan / Life in the Age of Drone Warfare
  • Timothy J. Welsh / Mixed Realism
  • Caleb Kelly / Gallery Sound
  • Terry Burrows / The Art of Sound
  • Vincent Normand, Andre Vida / Tarek Atoui
  • Jacques Rancière / The Groove of the Poem
  • Peter Pesic / Polyphonic Minds: Music of the Hemispheres
  • edited by) M. Keller, J. Vacheron, M. Guyon / Augmented Photography
  • (edited by) Christiane Paul / A Companion to Digital Art
  • Chris Drange / Relics
  • Dóra Maurer / Thinking in Proportions
  • Michael F. Leruth / Fred Forest’s Utopia: Media Art and Activism

cd reviews

  • Nicolas Montgermont: Radioscapes: Art Kill Art
  • Ze-Ka: Ghost Planet: Opa Loka
  • VV.AA.: Asian Meeting Recordings #1: Doubtmusic
  • Tomomi Adachi & Jaap Blonk: Asemic Dialogues:Kontrans
  • Alessio Santini: Kenter: Elli
  • Exo_C: Laboyatta: Kvitnu
  • Cluster Lizard: Edge Of The Universe: Le Cabanon
  • Christian Kobi: Atta!: Monotype Records
  • Jamka: Inter Alia: Urbsounds Collective
  • John Chantler, Steve Noble, Seymour Wright: Front And Above: 1703 Skivbolaget
  • Marc Namblard: F. Guyana: Gruenrekorder
  • Michael Vincent Waller: Trajectories: Recital
  • Moon Zero: Relationships Between Inner & Outer Space: Denovali
  • Nakama: Worst Generation: Nakama
  • O Yuki Conjugate: Tropic: Auf Abwegen
  • O₃: Trashumancia: Sofa Music
  • Sugai Ken: UkabazUmorezU: Rvng Intl
  • Tarab + Artificial Memory Trace: OBEX: Crónica
  • Tomoko Sauvage: Musique Hydromantique: Shelter Press
  • VV.AA.: Metaphors: Selected Soundworks from the Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Sub Rosa