A Decade To Download Project Team – A Decade To Download | The Internet Yami-Ichi 2012 – 2021


Exonemo, ISBN 978-1088025581, English, 798 pages, 2022, Japan

The Internet Yami-Ichi has gained popularity and recognition over the years. The main idea behind it is to organise a physical market for goods and services from the internet – or as they describe it, ‘”Internet-ish”items in real space.’ It was first realised in Tokyo in 2012 by IDPW, an organisation led by the artist duo exonemo, and is still relevant today. This comprehensive documentation, eight hundred pages long, covers the 40 events in 30 cities that took place over the past decade. There are a variety of texts, including one on the changing concept of money on the internet, and another offering a short history of memes. It is also possible to download a free 1.15 GB, digital edition of the project. The collective process of materialisation is the thin red line that runs through the many projects involved. It is an unholy mix of conceptual art, DIY, geek culture, irony, local authors and cheap prices, seamlessly producing hybrid objects that are more performative outcome than commodity. Each documented stall contains information about the vendor/artist, the commodity, the price and his/her/their commentary on their lived experience. This comprehensive documentation represents a unique process that playfully involved a remarkable number of artists, makers and spectators. The consolidated format thus becomes a legitimate and performative exhibition format where space, time and exchange combine to create meaning.