My opsec haul from Sephora, politics within makeup videos


The space for politics has shrunk, either ’deported’ to social media and online spaces in general, self-ghettoized in homogeneous circles or lost in the crowd of leaders’ profiles, not to mention the pollution of human and bot paid troll armies. “my opsec haul from Sephora” is a series that Addie Wagenknecht performed on a barebone YouTube channel. In her “Dry shampoo review Herbal Essence and blocking Chad from calling”, or “how to use bittorrent without a boyfriend and apply fake lashes”, she shows how to use specific beauty products while instructing about critical technologies. Her parasitic stance cleverly infiltrates political messages into an ultra-pop environment. Who knows if Feroza Aziz was inspired by them before posting on Tik Tok, months later, her viral eyelash curling tutorial while condemning China.


Addie Wagenknecht – Dry shampoo review Herbal Essence and blocking Chad from calling