DSD-08AS, methodological a/synchronicity


Living over-scheduled, over-busy lives, can we still be said to be sensitive to synchronicity? Apparently, yes, as being sensitive to all kinds of symmetries, including the aural ones, is more related to our biological nature, encoded in our DNA, than our cultural constructs and our learned behaviours. “DSD-08AS” is a kinetic sound installation by Stefan Tiefengraber. It’s made out of 24 modules. Each of them is a self-triggering system spinning metal balls over a rail between two poles. What is induced is a bouncing of the balls, back and forth, starting altogether, and then assuming a range of different paces, until the electricity is cut and it stops for a while before restarting. In the tradition of artists using an array of identical elements to produce sounds (like Zimoun, for example) this work uses the visual multiplication of single units as an attractive landscape, and the visual and aural a/synchronicity of produced sounds as an unpredictable aural environment, to appeal to both our fundamental biology and our aesthetic senses in a final combination.


Stefan Tiefengraber – DSD-08AS / 2018 – kinetic sound installation