Die With Me, the last five percent


The perpetual charging and discharging of batteries has become more than a habit for the human race, it’s a constant concern that never completely goes away, creating a distinct alert zone when it needs our intervention, or when the discharging is almost complete. D. Depoorter and D. Surprenant’s “Die With Me” is an artists’ app. It was created as a method for chatting with others, but it only works after your phone (iOS or Android) has reached the last residual five per cent of its battery charge. The chatters are then pushed to briefly share their digital life, working only in this operational condition, which is a liminal territory between being disconnected and being re-admitted to communication. This territory becomes an emotional enclave in a time-restricted zone which is doomed to fail, creating jeopardy for the users. Confirming that new media art has a strong legacy link to conceptual art, this work, reminds one of similarly expiring situations, like David Hammons performing ‘Bliz-aard Ball Sale’. The last five per cent dramatically scales up, then, from something insignificant to become the most relevant time.


Dries Depoorter & David Surprenant– Die With Me