Neural 25, Media Interventionists

Neural #25

Issue #25, summer 2006 ISSN: 2037-108X

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Free: centerfold ‘Harddisko’ by Valentina Vuksic.

new media art

  • Siegfried Zielinski interview
  • Olia Lialina interview
  • Christophe Bruno interview
  • Identity in the age of digital technologies


Ten-sided, ten identities in a blog, Emotion’s Defibrillator, consciousness short circuit, Camera Obscura 2005/1-Inf, memetic photographic virus, Confess.or, one to many confessions, Difference Engine, extracting the metaphysics from the net.


..books/dvd/cd-rom: Satellite of Love; M.Eraso, A.Ludovico, S.Krekovic – The reader; A. Cerveira Pinto – META.morfosis; M.Jahrmann, M.Moswitzer – Ludic Society Magazine #1 + #2; T.Corby – Network Art; V. Baroni – Postcarts; J.Juul – Half-Real.


  • Andrea Polli interview
  • Snog interview
  • Derek Holzer interview


4’04” Sound not found, Pianolina, the interactive piano, Dewanatron, cranking electronics, eShofar, folk tradition and technology, Amy e Klara, machinic male – dicta.


..books/dvd/cd+: A.Hugill – ‘Pataphysics; Microscope Session DVD 2.0; Live Cinema 01; G.Kiers+L. van der Velden – Sonic Acts XI; AGF.3 & Sue.C – Mini Movies; V.Moorefield – The Producer as Composer; Y.Kawamura – Slide.

cd reviews: Aphex Twin, Francisco Lopez, Luc Ferrari, John Hegre & Maja Ratkje, Autechre/The Hafler Trio, Doddodo, Howard Stelzer / Giuseppe Ielasi, Jarrod Fowler, Warren Burt, Hyper, Rf, Pure, Alvars Orkester, Miller + Fiam, Rlw, Crawling With Tarts, Scatole Sonore/Impro Ensemble, Product, Incidental Amplifications, Refractions.


  • Raqs Media Collective interview
  • Fernando Llamos interview
  • Hacking Biometrics


Monolith, copyright hacking, Un_wiki, Wikipedia radical polemic, Movie Mapper, The Brand Hype Database, Pneumatic Parliament, instant democracy, Zone Interdite, mapping secret territories.


..books/dvd/cd+: F.Stalder – Open Cultures and the Nature of Networks, B.Marenko – DiY Survival, M.Gerritzen – Beautiful World, M.Vishmidt + M.A.Francis + J.Walsh + L. Sykes – Media Mutandis.