Donatien Aubert – Les jardins cybernétiques (Disparues – bouquet)


Since we know that the extinction of species is accelerating, we have a deeper sense of disconnection when it comes to endangered species. The feeling that living things are disappearing affects our already compromised confidence that we can no longer care for nature. Various artists have used these species as a central element for their works with varying degrees of permanence. Donatien Aubert has found a particular way in his work “Les jardins cybernétiques (Disparues – bouquet)“. Of the 600 plants that have become extinct since the Industrial Revolution, he has assembled five into a bouquet, 3D-printed on a scale of 1:1 in white ghost paint and placed in a transparent case engraved with the names of the plants and the period of their extinction. A small funerary monument which should stand next to that of humans, to remind us that we are interdependent species.