Ryan Kuo – Hateful Little Thing


There was a time in the early history of the web when the pop-up windows started to be used to display invasive advertisement. Rapidly, as most of other web technology, it spread as a practice, reaching unbearable levels and inducing the software development of ’pop-up blockers’ plug-in, a feature still implemented in today’s browsers. Ryan Kuo might have experienced this dimension as a teenager, or not, but his Hateful Little Thing artwork, retains some similar retro-taste, although being very different. The frustrated thoughts of an anonymous person are shown in text snippets, whose minimal windows on the Whitney.org website are increasingly overwriting the page. It is meant to address the ‘white space’, extensively intended (graphically and politically), invading the visual space and being heard, in a provocative and revealing attitude.


Ryan Kuo’s Hateful Little Thing at Sunset | Sunrise/Sunset