Gauthier Déplaude – Chaque Seconde


The forgotten quartz clock and its noisy pacing have been very familiar to a couple of generations: its rhythmic sounds have beaten the time of countless people. Gauthier Déplaude has started to use this object as a sound instrument in his project Chaque Seconde, which is embodied in two installation/performances. One “Sans titre (deux horloges)” has two clocks engaging in a modulated mass loop. The other “Sans titre (vingt-quatre plus une horloges)” is a room full of clocks, each with a loudspeaker, speeding up and slowing down, synchronising and de-synchronising. The time scanning element is dismissed electrically intervening in its functioning to glorify its sound possibilities. The consequent chaotic representation of time constructs a perception of precise aural gestures, which belongs to an alien dimension.