(edited by) Raquel Castro – Arte Sonora, Ecologia e Cultura Auditiva – Lisboa Soa 2016-2020


Lisboa Soa, ISBN-13: 978-9899998582, Portuguese, 312 pages, 2021, Portugal

After five editions, the sound art festival Lisboa Soa has published a book documenting its various incarnations and interventions. Public space is the core element of the event, where the relationship between different spaces is renegotiated through the acoustics of the artworks. From a historic greenhouse to gardens, forests and water reservoirs, the festival has created new sonic territories in unexpected locations, even during a pandemic. The chronological documentation presented in this publication focuses on commissioned and produced installations and sound sculptures, which are accompanied by rich photographs. The texts and interviews are no less impressive than the images. Beyond situating the artworks, they feature contributions from both well-known and lesser-known artists who have participated in the festival, and by doing so, give a sense of curatorial continuity and consistency. This book, intended to signal a new beginning after the pandemic, has value beyond the archival aspect in that it collects situated sound practises: It is an important and relevant compendium that encourages further exploration of the possibilities of art and sound in public space.