Guilherme Appolinário – Cloud Matter


How heavy is the cloud? It is not easy to refute its iconic meaning, which is soft and particularly light, not to mention its total invisibility, except for some elements in GUIs. The harsh reality of heavy and energy-devouring servers, constantly processing and transmitting data, multiplied in backing up each other to protect the data, is far from having arrived in corporate public communications. Guilherme Appolinário has realised a particularly effective sculpture, Cloud Matter: a cloud made of cement with a 6Gb label chiselled into it and a chain as a handle to carry it around like a handbag. The material reflects the weight of the 30.7 kWh and the 15.7 kg of CO2 that this amount of data generates in an iconic form. The sculpture can still be carried around to manifest its meaning and deconstruct the original iconic propaganda.