(edited by) Ania Malinowska and Valentina Peri – Data Dating: Love, Technology, Desire


Intellect, ISBN-13: 978-1789384956, English, 246 pages, 2021, UK

This is not the catalogue of the homonymous exhibition which took place between 2018 and 2022 at Galerie Charlot in Paris and Tel Aviv, at Watermans in London and at iMAL in Brussels. Or rather it is, and much more. Data Dating: Love, Technology, Desire is a collection of ten essays, each one related to an artwork in the exhibition. These are not meant as commentaries on the artworks but rather elaborate on their individual themes. The pandemic has reinforced the “narcissism of the self” already indoctrinated by tech corporations. This has lead to a new set of cultural dynamics like “reciprocal narcissism”, which focuses on “achievement rather than exchange”, or the unpredictability of love versus the predictability that is central to our present algorithmic world. Or even the immoral business models of social media platforms that so often fail on their promise to connect us and bring us together, pushing us away from our human fragility instead of having us genuinely deal with it. And also the essential role of touch, the “orchestration of private modes of presentation” and the many varied of forms digital intimacy. Within the ten chapters, the exhibition expands theoretically through an indirect dialogue, intertwining the artistic and academic. It’s another excellent example of an innovative format and project that celebrates cultural production.