edited by Ava Imogen Grayson – Soundest 6


English, 40 pages, 2020, Finland

The function of the fanzine has changed from a medium for exchanging information on various levels to a small repository, often embedding a structure and techniques that are functional for collecting. The micro-format of this zine, A6, can be associated with the size of a smartphone screen and contains equally compressed information. Soundest is a zine that celebrates all forms of sound in art. A long article by Katharina Schmidt, quite unusual for these formats, takes up half of the publication. It is about Virginia Woolf and her use of noise descriptions in her prose. The centre page and the inside and outside of the cover are used for artworks. We then find a short introduction to a Kusanagi Sisters’ film; an excellent photo essay by Emeka Ogboh about an attempt to technically reinstall the 1960 Independence Speech in Nigeria; an introduction to a sound installation by Aurora del Rio with a QR code that links to online files; an excerpt from a mixed media work by Magdaléna Manderlová; and a visual poem by Martin Moolhuijsen. The content is either self-contained or gives just a taste that makes the reader want more, but the selection is rigorous and consistent. Produced by Ava Imogen Grayson, a Canadian-born sound artist and educator permanently based in Helsinki, Soundest is digitally printed on recycled paper and is available in a limited edition.