FORMATA, extraterrestrial life forms on earth


The recent revival of attention to space exploration and the possibility of life on other planets has revived the debate about possible extraterrestrial life forms. FORMATA by Proto-Alien Project (Proto-A), a group consisting of Juan M. Castro and Akihiro Kubota, is the result of research into the creation of “extraterrestrial organic matter (ETOM)”, i.e. autonomous and organic life-like entities that could exist outside Earth. In the installation, the artists use pools of liquid formamide and an atmosphere of carbon monoxide, argon and ammonia to create a living, extraterrestrial and primordial micro-planet. They create these kinds of life forms in a waterless and thus oxygen free world, materialising a perspective of life outside of earthly conditions that largely excludes our perception of unique when it comes to the concept of life.