Numeriser le plancher, the floor scanner


In 2017 Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot, the company that makes the Roomba house cleaner, said in an interview that his company could sell customers’ house map data to big-tech companies to develop their products and services. That statement sparked an outcry against invasion of privacy and misuse of private data. But technically, this was quite trivial data for a cleaning robot to record and store.That’s why “Numeriser le plancher” from Samuel St-Aubin reflects this sudden awareness. It is a mobile device that scans the floor looking for holes, cracks and deformations and makes a final 3D scan that is recorded and presented live on a video monitor. It accurately digitises the surface on which it is moving and manifests it on a screen. In doing so, it demonstrates how a device can have expert “eyes,” even if its marketing emphasises different qualities.


Samuel St-Aubin – Numeriser