Log, a robotic abacus of life


teamVOID‘s “Log” project was inspired by daily updated Covid death figures, and how these lost meaning over subsequent weeks and months. The installation consists of two robotic arms, each engraving an abstract symbol on a transparent acrylic panel every 200 births or deaths. The white arm records births and the black arm records deaths, based on data from a website that calculates predictions for both. The abstraction of these essential human events is recorded by a non-human agent who engraves the symbols, just as we did a few thousand years ago to record information. Somehow the programmed gestures and their task reinforce the common sense that robots are taking over human labour, but they also seem to form a kind of “abacus of life.” All the technology involved seems to be a commentary on our very fragile condition, aseptically recorded by a robot.


teamVOID – Log