Metamorphoseon, sinister machinic forces


In a tradition of robots moving as organic entities (such as the ground breaking “Autopoiesis” by Ken Rinaldo from 2000), this work puts the surrounding audience in an uncomfortable position. Error 43‘s “Metamorphoseon“, inspired by the legend of Medusa, uses 16 ‘soft robotics’ tentacles that move through compressed air depending on the proximity of the audience. Led projectors and illuminated, tangled cables enhance the visual movements through shadows projected onto the floor and the environment. The vision of a reactive and autonomous machine quickly translates into a general sense of alarm and a perception of danger. The space is conceptually filled with it. The machine is attractive because of its brightness and movement, while at the same time exuding threat with fast tentacles. These double uncanny forces directly recall the legend that inspires the work.


Error 43 – Metamorphoseon