Pau Waelder – You Can Be A Wealthy / Cash-Strapped Art Collector In The Digital Age


Printer Fault Press, ISBN-13: 978-8409233823, English, 416 pages, 2020, Germany

In retrospect, this publication would have been the ideal place to learn about and understand the current gold rush to release works of art as NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). This is because it introduces the reader with clarity and expertise, first to the basics of the contemporary online art market, and second to those of digital art. It’s a step-by-step guide to collecting contemporary and digital art that covers all the major topics and issues, including a general framework that discusses a few exemplary artworks here and there. The book is actually two separate manuals in one, each physically printed upside down in relation to the other, each assuming two different collectors: the ‘wealthy’ and the “cash-strapped”, who are both guided to build a coherent collection. The two sections are separated by a detailed ‘troubleshooting’ guide to digital art, highlighting the author’s apparent mission to encourage and educate new collectors who can then better support the overall digital art scene. So, as explanations and critiques of NFT art are easily found (including in balanced interviews given by the author), such a book instead becomes a systematic introduction to everything else worth knowing about collecting contemporary/digital art in a uniquely informed structure, making it an ideal textbook as well as a general handbook.