Recurrent Morphing Radio, over-consumed streaming noise


Spotify users know the feeling of being understood by a system whose proprietary algorithm analyses and produces the perfect, tailored consumption machine. It dissects the basic elements of its 70 million track database to qualify and quantify each track, down to a few parameters that override their cultural differences. “Recurrent Morphing Radio” is a project by Interspecifics Collective, which uses a neural network fed with the most popular music tracks. It is based on “repetition and deconstruction”, i.e. it overtrains the network with the overconsumed tracks and ends up with a hypnotic noise that is streamed 24/7 and archived online. The paradox of an unexpected aesthetic resulting from an overused system remains as a warning against the fading of the musical form, as a distinguishable piece of culture rather than a mere process result.


Interspecifics Collective – Recurrent Morphing Radio