Nature Morte, welcome to my studio


Pioneering media artist Bruce Nauman has dedicated a good part of his life to exploring his own condition as artist. He used his own studio as the stage for performances involving himself during the 1970s and 1980s, until in “Mapping the Studio II” (2001), he used infrared cameras to film it for one hour per night for 42 days (his intention was for the work to function as a document of his unfinished and discarded projects). “Nature Morte” goes beyond that. Through three viewing stations, Nauman’s studio can be fully explored after being 3D-scanned with hundreds of images and painstaking attention to detail. These details populate the visitor’s vision, in complete control and in the artist’s absence. The calculated window that the artist offers enables the scrutiny of a practice, an investigatory acknowledgment of Nauman both as artist and human being.


Bruce Nauman, Nature Morte, 2020