Stone Tape, if only these walls could talk


“If only these walls could talk” we use to say when we are denied the acknowledgement of a situated past, and there’s nobody around who can support it. This concept seems admirably rendered by Nadav Assor in “Stone Tape”, a sound artwork installed at the Israeli Psychoanalytical Society’s current headquarters. The house history has been investigated by the granddaughter of the original Palestinian bureaucrat who build it, soliciting people close to the family to describe their daily life, but also the neighbours and psychoanalysts who worked there. A network of sound wires running along the walls transmits these voices, experienceable only pointing handheld electromagnetic listening devices to them. As if they would still carry the live voices, the wires become also transmitters, and despite their obsolescence they come back to (audio) life.


Nadav Assor – Stone Tape