Arthur I. Miller – The Artist in the Machine: The World of AI-Powered Creativity


The MIT Press, ISBN-13: 978-0262042857, English, 432 pages, 2019, USA

Since the eighties (and the false prediction of full Artificial Intellifence by the end of nineties), the dream of AI has been grounded on building a machine that will behave indistinguishably from a more or less quirky human being, especially in its creative (i.e. unpredictable) behaviours. And yet, a couple of decades on, the gap between the research results and this dream has still to be realized. Miller (also the author of Colliding Worlds) tackles in this book the very essential questions around how we define creativity through ‘key factors’ (like inspiration, focus and perseverance), and then how these factors can be compatible with machine logic, and so, in particular, AI. His research is conducted through interviews with scientists and artists deeply involved in this field, discussing their projects and confronting them with those factors. The book includes an essential history of breakthrough moments in AI and sports among other things. Two chapters explore art and literature, with some familiar names (Akten, Klingemann, Anadol, Montfort). Beyond setting up a website with further images, audio and video content (, Miller dedicates the last chapter to the most philosophical (and yet unanswerable) questions, ending an investigation through dialogues, which effectively feels the pulse of AI.