Respire, breathing in sound and vision


Respire” is an artwork realised by Kıvanç Tatar, Mirjana Prpa, and Philippe Pasquier belonging to the restricted amount of artworks in VR which are not focused on the perception (and often spectacle) of the virtual world, but rather on the radically changed perception of the self. It is an immersive piece based on three components: an abstract three-dimensional ocean, a music software agent, both working with a breathing sensor. The latter is the interface to the system, so the inhaling and exhaling rises the point of view above the water surface or makes it falling below. Moreover “the frequency and patterns of breathing data” are influencing both the musical agent and the waviness of the virtual ocean. This ‘mapping’ of breathing data, can be also seen as an outer projection of the self, inducing a multi-sensory awareness. (photo credit Adriano Fagundes)


Kıvanç Tatar, Mirjana Prpa, and Philippe Pasquier – Respire