Giacomo Verde (1956-2020)

Giacomo Verde

Italian artist and teacher Giacomo Verde passed away today. Video artist and activist he has explored the use of electronic and digital video image in theatre and performances. Among the highlights in his career he collaborated with Van Gogh TV during Documenta IX for the famous Piazza Virtuale project (1992), and worked with the group Correnti Magnetiche for performances and installations using virtual reality in early 90s (“Per Krizia”, 1993, and the popular “Euclide” with Pi greco group, in the same year, where he animated virtual characters with a cyberglove). He anticipated the Italian large telestreet movement with his “Minimal TV” in 1996, “the smallest street TV in the world”, and he realised a reference documentary about the dramatic anti-G8 protest in Genoa (“Solo limoni”, 2001). Remarkable educator, he was also part of the unique teaching experiment in the “Nuove Tecnologie dell’Arte” department at the Carrara Fine Arts Academy started in mid 2000s, and continued till recently.