Groovular Synthesis, machine mediated texts/noises


Groovular Synthesis – the Edison Effect reVisited” by Paul DeMarinis and Jo Kazuhiro stems from the collective project “Life in the Groove” they conducted during the years 2018-19. There is a central text (“Ditties and Odes to T.A.Edison”), which is composed like an OuLiPo text with a very limited amount of letters, pondering the history/nature of sound recording, and organising a fiction around it. The text is in Morse code version, laser-engraved on seven brown cylinders and then laser-scanned, and in spoken word version engraved on single black-wax Edison and in synch with a video scanning. These multiple versions repeatedly collide in their dance of coding and decoding, through multiple mediations. The “crisis of machine mediated noises” is then a out of synch chorus, which murmurs the past into the present.