(edited by) Corax E.V. – Radio Revolten: 30 Days of Radio Art


Spector Books, ISBN-13:978-3959051897, English, 300 pages, 2019, Germany

This book documents Radio Revolten (translation: Radio Revolts), the international radio-art festival in Halle, Germany, which took place in October 2016. The festival invited more than 70 artists from 17 countries to present 30 days of radio art, and featured an independent station, installations, live performances, conferences, workshops and public interventions. The spare black and white aesthetic is reminiscent of an earlier zine or facsimile culture. In aesthetic and approach, the book situates itself within a broader legacy of radio festivals and happenings from the 1990s onwards. The chapters are organised around themes that arose through the festival, including the musical scope of radio art, relationships between radio and time, radio and embodiment, radio and performance and radio as a participatory medium. The scope is broad, therefore, but sticks very closely to traditional understandings of radio as an auditory and broadcast medium. Given the centrality of radio and transmission to wireless communications today, it seems a shame that the material doesn’t touch on expanded understandings of radio such as Wi-Fi, 5G, IoT or the politics of the electromagnetic spectrum. The exception is some interesting discussions of the physicality of antennas and works such as Joyce Hinterding’s Aeriology.