Degenerative Cultures, thoughts as food


Cesar & Lois define their “Degenerative Cultures” artwork as a ‘bhiobrid’ (bio-digital hybrid), whose aim is to criticise our endless appetite for control over nature. This installation features a printed book on this topic, which is slowly being eaten by a colony of microorganisms (Physarum polycephalum), and a computer monitor showing the action of a “digital fungus” searching the Internet and corrupting texts of the same species. There’s an interface between the two systems: the microorganisms growth is analysed and fed to a “cellular automata and natural language analysis”, building a database of those online texts which are then corrupted by a degenerative algorithm, with readouts being periodically tweeted (@HelloFungus) and printed out locally. It is an anti-celebration of the human delirium of omnipotence towards nature, corrupting, in a symbiotic organic/digital process, our algorithmic trust in modernity.


Cesar & Lois – Degenerative Cultures