Blind Landing, aversion AI


Blind Landing is an interactive installation by the artist Jooyoung Oh. It is composed of a helmet that tracks brain waves and eye movements, and artificial intelligence software that analyzes the forms of the video frames. When the helmet is on, the spectator is subjected to the vision of one of the most appreciated online videos. Laterally, another screen shows the same videos analyzed by artificial intelligence software, which also colors the parts of the video that have been most read by the viewer. The juxtaposition of the two visual perspectives is alienating.  Emphasizing how we can be predictable, this double level of vision blurs the relationship of cause and effect between two elements: the mechanism of appreciation by recommendation, and the intentional creation of effective films thanks to previous data training and analysis. The aesthetic dimension of the work recalls the aversion therapy scene in the movie “A Clockwork Orange”, and the attempt to heal Alex from violence by inducing nausea while watching violent scenes. The aim of the work could therefore be to induce the viewer to recover from their trusting and blind submission to the social network’s algorithms of appreciation, showing this cynical and perverse possible retaliation with wide eyes. Chiara Ciociola


Jooyoung Oh – Blind Landing