Axis Mvndi, drawing to the Universe


If we compare different representations of the Universe in different cultures at different moments in time, we confront very elaborated and imaginative systems, all trying to cope with an unknown structural dimension and scale. Nicolas Montgermont’s “Axis Mvndi“, cosmic radio sculptures” is a device conceptually dealing with the ambition to understand and relate to the Universe. It sends radio waves into space drawing shapes “at a cosmic scale”. Varying the position of the parabolic dish antenna and the emission times, it draws cosmological models from the past (such as the seas of the Hindu cosmic egg or the Greek crystal spheres). These ‘radio drawings’ are sent at the speed of light and probably “never received“, but they represent multiple descriptions of the unknown, and they use a single code (frequency) to communicate these to unknown entities, in a perfectly consistent gesture.


Nicolas Montgermont – Axis Mvndi