Various Artists – Far Away but Ever Closer: Young Lithuanian Composers Abroad


CD – MIC Lithuania

This selection of young composers edited by Edvardas Šumila for the Music Information Centre Lithuania is particularly interesting in a historical-political moment when different factions question the idea of “open borders”. In some countries, especially in the “old” post-socialist block and in smaller countries within the E.U., a large artistic migration is already happening towards countries with bigger or better cultural policies. This National promotion of Lithuanian composers should not raise any doubt, especially when similar “rassemblement” seem to have inspired a young but quite stable democracy. Going beyond this premise and looking at the contents of the album, we can immediately see the general quality of the collection is of an international standard in line with the most advanced electronic and experimental experiences. It’s not simply a common localised feeling or something that may be expressed as an independent entity. The works of the nine different composers chosen for the collection suggest many trajectories and trends. Andrius Arutiunian sets some tense electroacoustic sequences, creating an artificial narration together with some playful and disturbing East-European arias. Gediminas Žygus strongly highlights the contrast between elegiac passages and some raw audio emergencies. Jura Elena Sedyte writes an inspired score for viola, contrabass and live electronics, working on a constant edge between the chamber tradition and recent research. Donatas Tubutis seems to be interested in inorganic binds and continuous micromodulations. Juta Pranulytė sets a growing and contorted series of piercing emissions, very suggestive and engaging, while the insistent sequences of Justina Siksnelyte are mainly focused on the sounds of marimba and vibraphone. Aurimas Bavarskis walks between recurring noisy carpets and synthetic sounds that include simple flute notes and roundabout melodies. Aiste Noreikaite, wearing his sensorial hat, shows an approach more typical to a media-artist than a musician. Despite this the result is wonderful and sonic in a very strong futuristic way. The closure is the abstract, whirling and full of echoes lo-fi by Vitalija Glovackyté, who skillfully avoids any reference point or interpretation.


Various Artists – Four Away but Ever Closer: Young Lithuanian Composers Abroad