FONTANA, Future gardens, rebirth of life


The world has changed many times along with its inhabitants. Inhabitants who are a bit ungrateful, if we look at ourselves in the mirror. We have evolved, built, destroyed and … polluted, polluted a lot. We even polluted while cleaning: detergents, soaps and other chemical elements. The path seems to be without redemption, but science also provides a solution. Tanja Vujinovic built a futuristic garden where harmony and technologies coexist, seeking new solutions together. The Slovenian/Serbian artist created FONTANA, a piezoelectric device that, when immersed in water, vibrates, producing a sound that is inaudible to humans. This process deforms the structure of water, dispersing it in the air as tiny droplets. FONTANA is not just an artistic experiment within a wider research project, but a real instrument for the treatment of water with plasma, an ionized gas capable of destroying harmful microbes. This could be implemented in the future to clean residual traces of man-made chemical from water. Benedetta Sabatini