Joost Rekveld – 11 Films


Re:Voir, Blu-Ray/DVD + book, English, 2019, France

Joost Rekveld is one of the few artists who seamlessly integrates various scientific fields in his film practice. This selection of his movies is meant to be his most representative, with sound and vision in a conceptual dialogue, since 1993. His abstraction is grounded in processes that use diverse techniques in order to achieve a different composition. He uses chemicals as well as writing computer code, often designing, or modifying the machines he uses. Rekveld’s movies are all process-based works, following his own trail of experimentation, and manifesting specific conceptual plans of action. The processes are planned and activated, and they are the result of practice-based research, starting from scientific principles, different or accidental use of machines, applied mathematics and software interventions. Following a theoretical approach to specifically produce “form, motion and perception“, each of the films has unique optical qualities, and a distinct treatment of light. They inherently incorporate historical visions of other artists, scientists and machines, all transfigured through the author’s visionary perspective and rigour. Produced in collaboration with the Eye Filmmuseum (Amsterdam) who helped to restore the early works, ”11 Films” is simultaneously an exemplary resource for audiovisual studies and an expanded monograph.