Likeness, mesmerised by Anne Frank


How much similar is enough? Since machines have been capable of producing reality-like images, the visual likeness of reality has become a competitive goal for computer visuals, as it irresistibly attracts our attention. Simon Fujiwara’s “Likeness” is a challenging installation made by a distant hyperrealistic wax sculpture of Anne Frank, produced from a smooth fusion of other images, including other wax figures, such as that at Madame Tussaud’s. Her most famous setting, writing her diary at her desk, is carefully reconstructed, but she’s now openly smiling at the public. A Bolt camera robot films the painstakingly ‘real’ sculpture, whose details are then shown through a few screens that don’t fail to mesmerise the public. They deceive our perception, frustrating our ability to discern the fiction, thanks to a cynical technological sophistication. photocredit Andrea Rossetti