Waiting for the light, the light of information


Darkness is a prerogative of moments of rest, of places where intimacy is required; it is also synonymous with perdition, or worse, with the absence of hope, with emptiness, danger, or the unexplored. The bottom of the ocean is desperately dark, down where thousands of kilometers of submarine cables run, carrying as much as 97% of the Internet’s data. On balance, these cables are one of the main infrastructures for the economic and cultural development of the ‘global village’. These are silent and stealthy snakes of optical fibers that are not afraid of the dark, because they are themselves carriers of light, connecting distant places in a few moments. They are the light of information that illuminates the world and that nourishes us with services. After traveling great distances on the sea floor, the cables, coming from different parts of the world, re-emerge on the surface and trigger the light inside the Wardian cases of the installation Waiting for the light by the Estonian artist Taavi Suisalu. Inside these micro artificial worlds live some small plants, at the same time isolated but interconnected to an immense system, protected from pollution and potential damage, but linked by the need to remain connected, nourished and illuminated. A profound reflection on the current vital need to remain connected, perhaps immersed in the dark and illuminated only by the artificial light of a screen… Benedetta Sabatini