Narciss, AI digital consciousness


Narciss is a piece of software made with basic artificial intelligence techniques built to analyse itself. The installation, by Waltz Binaire Studio, consists of a computer equipped with a camera in front of a circular mirror. The algorithm translates the visual inputs of the camera into short sentences describing and interpreting the reflected image, according to an approach and a technique that have been consolidating since 2010. The camera, mounted on a mobile mechanical arm, moves continuously changing shots and zooming, and consequently generating different descriptions of itself. The computer, as it is naked in front of the mirror, can only look at itself: it’s “a city by night”, “the shadow of a person in the mirror”, “a bunch of elements electronic”. The two opposing elements are physically always connected, and relate to each other in an infinite cycle of representation and interpretation. This restless choreography, while appearing moved by an endless curiosity, seems to symbolically emphasize a sterile short circuit. The camera looks at itself, interprets itself and tells itself, but does not recognize itself. Witnessing this experiment of digital awareness, we are almost invited to see all its limits, recognizing in self-awareness and self-perception the fundamental characteristic trait of being. Human. Chiara Ciociola


Waltz Binaire – Narciss