(edited by) Mark-David Hosale, Sana Murrani, Alberto de Campo – Worldmaking as Techné: Participatory Art, Music, and Architecture


Riverside Architectural Press, ISBN-13: 978-1988366098, English, 433 pages, 2018, UK

This anthology of papers revolves around the relationship between the philosophical concept of ’techné’ (“the principles or methods employed in making something or attaining an objective”) and the concept of ’worldmaking’, or the creation of ‘worlds’. The latter can now be inflected in multiple ways technologically-wise, from 3D making to AI-generated literature, from bio art to surveillance databases, all quite relevant for our perception of reality, and so of the world we place ourselves in. So, different kinds of worldmaking resonate in all the selected papers, relating to their own specific techné. The book concept has been clearly pondered (the authors presented a panel with a similar name at ISEA 2011), and it is eventually structured into three sections: Po(i)etic, Machinic, and Cybernetic. Among the papers there are intriguing historical ones like Nicolas Schöffer’s “Sonic and visual structures”, Felix Guattari’s “Machinic heterogenesis” and Heinz Von Foerster’s “The Perception of the Future, the Future of Perception”, providing a solid background. The others mainly discuss artworks and especially artistic strategies, building a consistent account of how they have been applied to different domains, making (art)worlds which through their experiential qualities can successfully instigate our critical attitudes towards techné.