biometric mirror, and if you were perfect?


At the base of every study on the development of Artificial Intelligence there is always a strong research around those who have little that is artificial… the human being. The human being and his senses that the AI try to replicate, the human being and the limits that the AI try to overcome, the human being and the needs that the AI try to satisfy. Most of the Artificial Intelligences, to be cynical, could be considered a manifestation of enormous human egocentrism. It’s perhaps for this reason that the artist Lucy McRae in her Biometric Mirror sits us in front of a mirror of a futuristic beauty salon where the salon itself gives us a new image of ourselves, born of an algorithm. The project was conceived some time ago when the University of Melbourne developed a facial recognition software able to rely on an age, a gender, a race but also the levels of attractiveness and reliability that your appearance would have produced in others. To this first ability is added the algorithm Marquardt Mask that is able to create a modified version of ourselves considered “perfect” according to some widespread canons of beauty. The result? From the beauty salon of Lucy McRae we go out deprived of our human uniqueness, disguised as a face devastated by too much perfection: a warning to all the artificial intelligences that touch us, is the most familiar image we can have…that of ourselves. Benedetta Sabatini




Lucy McRae – Perfection