The Offshore Tour Operator, art as financial optimiser


The specific legal status of an artwork has become itself a topic in artworks, mainly after the art market has begun to shape a specific shady financial system of its own.
The Offshore Tour Operator” by RYBN.ORG is a GPS-powered audio guide application that directs the listener to explore the physical locations of those disputable companies (domiciliation agencies or ghost banks, for example) facilitating the financial offshore industry. In the last version (presented by HeK at the LISTE Art Fair), it located those related specifically to the art market. They have been added to the database and the created algorithm (“Algoffshore”) has been printed out in detail as a diagram, describing “tax optimisation schemes using art as a speculative vehicle”. The artists brilliantly combine two conflicting paradoxes: the acknowledged legality of these practices, striking with their unarguably questionable ethics, and using an immaterial technology as the involved financial transactions, to unveil where the physical players can be seen to operate.


Podcast de l’Exposition “The Great Offshore” Collectif RYBN.ORG – Espace multimédia gantner