entangled, an infinite small space


“entangled” is an installation by HC Gilje, which uses sophisticated technology to play with the digitalisation of space and its new perspectives. The artist has used the laser scanning technique LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to create a “cast of himself in the forest” with the perspective of “a frozen moment orbited by a virtual camera”. The three-dimensional picture is then created, constituted of white dots onto an infinite black background, rendering the space in an absolute dimension. In its holographic aesthetics, it implicitly refers to what we primarily think of when we are asked to consider the infinite: the night sky and the stars. We can approach the space of the picture then through an abstracted, almost mathematised perspective. We can experience it in a way that works to reconfigure our visual coordinates, whose points of reference are the illuminated entities in the dark environment, no matter what the scale happens to be. It then turns into a real and small space, which transposed to its digital coding inherits the quality of being infinite.


HC Gilje – entangled