Lauren, the best possible AI assistant


Delegating to machines is an escalating practice in Western social systems. Along this line new apps and autonomous systems, acting on our behalf, are progressively meant to control or manage non-trivial aspects of our lives, including the totemic Alexa, Siri, Home and Cortana. These devices define a grey zone, a frontier of privacy invasion which we grant without really knowing the limits, but eager to experience the touted services. Lauren McCarthy tests human limits in her artworks, usually with a good dose of irony. In “Lauren” she’s acting as the most sophisticated AI-equipped assistant installing camera and controlling devices in a person’s house. Reversing the balance between the human and the machine, for three days she volunteers doing everything from dimming the lights at the right moment to chat, acting. She’s then the living proof of our absurd will of delegating as much as possible. How far it could go? Eventually we might ask Lauren…


LAUREN. A human smart home intelligence.