Projektor, the value of an analogue copy


Analogue media devices are rising again, with a re-evaluation of their technical and aesthetic specificities. With this process comes the improved knowledge of these devices’ history, which sometimes defines the social role they had in the content production. “Projektor” by Wim Janssen, Dušica Dražić is an artwork focusing on a specific 35mm projector, the Iskra NP-21. Made by an industry that was omni present in post-war Yugoslavia, it can be considered to be a technological icon for those who have experienced it. The artists’ duo have disassembled one of them, moulded every single part, make a copy of each in bronze, and then assembled them altogether. The whole process has been filmed and finally projected with the new working bronze projector. Making a working copy makes this ‘apparatus’ something different from the ‘monument of itself’, being able, instead to re-enact its role in a new glorified shape, and then recursively express its history, again.


Wim Janssen, Dušica Dražić – Projektor